8 ways for newly-weds to create a romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day

If this is your first Valentine’s Day that you celebrate as a newly married cou…

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Grass Fed Vs Grain Fed: Health Benefits of Grass Fed Meat Products

Grass Fed

Whenever we buy any meat products, we often check if the meat is Organic, but do we check the product specifications if it is Grass Fed or Grain Fed. There are lot of differences that comes with grass fed or grain fed animals. Let’s throw some light on what is the real difference and benefits that comes with Grass fed and grain fed animal meats.

When people prefer grain fed they often think i…

Amazing health benefits of including animal proteins in your diet


Proteins are the building blocks of life. Protein is one of the essential element required by all living beings, be it plant, animals or human. It’s an element without which our body cannot survive. There has always been the most common and debated topic discussed as which kind of protein is beneficial for us “Animal or Plant based” or in other words, is it good to consume plant-based protein or…

10 Recommended Protein Foods To Include In Your Diet

protein foods

Proteins are the building blocks immensely essential for our body. Eating the right amount and right kind of protein can keep you healthy, fit and fine. Before we surge ahead with the Top 10 protein foods that you should include in your diet, let’s brief into what proteins are and why it is essential to consume the right amount and type of protein.

Proteins comprises of amino acid molecules w…

Natural Vs Organic Food- Benefits of Organic Food

healthy groceries, oregano, melon, bread, cherry tomatoes isolated on white

One of the most debated topics that we come across every now and then is about nutritional benefits of organic foods. When we go to any supermarket we can see food labeled as natural or organic, which we tend to buy, but have we really found out what it really means? Don’t we tempt to buy them instantly without thinking whether they are really beneficial for us?We often tend to dismiss the true …