8 ways for newly-weds to create a romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day

If this is your first Valentine’s Day that you celebrate as a newly married couple, then you’re probably excited to spend the day with your

8 ways for newly-weds to create a romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day


If this is your first Valentine’s Day that you celebrate as a newly married couple, then you’re probably excited to spend the day with your better half. Your last Valentine’s Day was most likely overshadowed with the wedding ceremony planning; so this Valentine’s Day should be all about celebrating and expressing your love for each other.

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The date is set, the teams are ready and the fans are waiting in desperation – It’s almost time for the Super Bowl! There are few days that we God- fearing Americans look forward to, more than the Super Bowl Sunday. It’s that glorious day of the year where excessive overeating, and screaming at your TV are totally acceptable. On Sunday, February 5th, in Houston, the New England Patriots will…

12 Popular Books to read before they hit the Cinemas in 2017

The book was so much better! Every avid reader knows, that the book is always better than the movie, but that does not stop many of us from rushing to the theaters. One often wonders whether Hollywood has stopped writing original content and is relying on the paperback biggies to come up with interesting material. On the other hand, compressing eight chunky volumes of an epic fantasy book series t…

Christmas Dinners All over the world


We are living in troubled times. Crimes against humanity have reached a large-scale and have become a real cause for concern and people across the world are divided today. There is one thing that unites people all over the world, and that is stuffing our faces with delicious food. The holiday season has become an excuse for people all over the world to gorge on some of the most mouth-watering, sum…

Christmas Giving: Charity begins at home this holiday

It’s that time of the year again! A time of presents, eggnog, hugs, snow angels and that gorgeous, pine smelling tree. Christmas is on its way; and while you cynics are busy rolling your eyes, it’s the true, blue American who knows what it’s like to really have the Christmas Spirit. Christmas is a time when we feel all warm and fuzzy with happy thoughts of love and friendship. Christmas is a…

Go Cold Turkey This Thanksgiving! 10 Topics to Take Off The Table This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving Funny

Yessss… Thanksgiving dinner is finally here. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes. The Parade, Sports and family and friends for one glorious day. Thanksgiving is that magical time of the year when families gather together to break bread. It’s a day to forget about deadlines, breakups, and work troubles. It’s a day to just focus on quality time with near and dear ones. Hmmmm…I lie.
Any blue-bloode…

Countdown to Thanksgiving 2016 – How to pull off a stress-free Holiday Meal

It’s the biggest event of the year for America! We’re talking bigger than NFL Opening Night, Kentucky Derby, NBA All-Star and Super Bowl combined! If you’ve given up, I’m talking about Thanksgiving 2016! A day about Tradition, Food, Family and Fun! Don’t forget to add a huge dollop of Fear among those daring to host the annual Thanksgiving feast. Succulent Turkey, juicy slices of Ham, cranberr…

10 Food Safety Measures to Ensure Good Health

food safety measures

Food safety is one of the most important factors that should be considered first and foremost when it comes to eating the right kind of food to ensure a healthy life. In our day to day regular life we often handle food in a wrong way unknowingly. We think that we are eating healthy, when we are actually not. This can put our health at risk and even cost us our lives. Following certain Food Safety …

10 Power Foods to Boost Your Health

Health is wealth and to treasure this wealth we need some power foods that imparts magical effect to our body as well as mind and keeps us in pink of health.  Good and healthy food not only gives nutrition to our body but also helps improves our mental and emotional health. It improves our metabolism, immunity and gives us optimum energy to keep us hail and hearty.

Here is a list of 10 pow…

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Meat

Who doesn’t love well cooked, juicy, well-seasoned meat that is cooked in a right manner keeping its flavor intact? Well everyone does. When it comes to serving that perfect piece of meat, you don’t always have to look for elaborate cooking methods or techniques, just following some simple ways and avoiding some common mistakes while cooking meat, you can just weave that magic and gain all tho…