8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Meat

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Meat

Who doesn’t love well cooked, juicy, well-seasoned meat that is cooked in a right manner keeping its flavor intact? Well everyone does. When it comes to serving that perfect piece of meat, you don’t always have to look for elaborate cooking methods or techniques, just following some simple ways and avoiding some common mistakes while cooking meat, you can just weave that magic and gain all those praises and applauds. Here is the list of few common mistakes to avoid, recommended by chefs and food experts that will help you get the perfectly cooked piece of meat out of the oven.

  • Buying meat from just any butcher– In order to avoid this common mistake when cooking meat, this is the first step that will help you shine among all the food lovers. Always ensure to buy meat from the right butcher or one who offers it fresh with the right cut. Try to recognize meat that is not fresh and never gets fooled by the butcher to buy it. Meat that is fresh will always be firm, reddish pink in color, lightly crusted and oozes juice after being cut. By checking these characteristics of meat like color, texture and the way it has been cut you can avoid buying meat that is not fresh and good.
  • Cooking the meat immediately after taking out of the fridge– This is one of the important mistakes to avoid before you start cooking. Meat taken out from the fridge has its juices and flesh hardened, which if put right into the hot pan will give you a hard and chewy meat. Allow the meat to come to room temperature before you start cooking. This will help you cook soft and melt in the mouth textured meat. Till the meat comes into its room temperature, keep the other preparations handy, so the cooking time gets lessened.
  • Seasoning the meat right before putting in the pan– Avoid this mistake if you want a juicy flavorful meat. Season or marinade the meat at least for 20- 30 min before you start cooking it. This helps the meat to acquire all the seasoning flavors and marinade juices within itself and cooks in the right way to give that perfect flavor you want.
  • Placing the meat in an overly hot pan or grill– This is one of the common mistakes while cooking meat, when you put the well-seasoned meat into the pan. Check that the cooking pan is not overly hot, otherwise, the meat will quickly get over cooked on its outside and remain uncooked inside. Meat cooked in a low to medium flame gets beautifully caramelized and keeps its juices and nutrients intact.
  • Overcooking the meat in open flame– Meat is a very delicate ingredient and if not cooked at the right temperature it can mess up the whole cooking process. Avoid keeping the meat too long in an open flame. Cook it on a medium flame to allow the juices and fat from the meat to seep out and help to soften the meat. Check frequently and flip it often to see the meat doesn’t get overcooked on one side.
  • Avoid over seasoning– Sprinkle the meat with little and required amount of seasoning and marinade, this will retain the original taste of the meat with the right hint of flavor added to it. Adding and crusting the meat with too much seasoning will burn the outer portion and lose the taste of meat.
  • Pressing the meat too much while searing– Avoid pressing the meat too much with the spatula or tongs, this will let all the juices flow out of the meat and will make the meat chewy and hard to eat. Just a light press less frequently when required will do the trick to keep the meat soft and juicy.
  • Serving the meat right from the hot pan– Do not serve the meat sizzling right out of the pan. Let it rest for some time and let the juices flow into its center. Do a nice plating, sprinkle some more seasoning and serve it fresh and tender.

The above cooking tips related to meat have been strongly recommended by our food experts at Golden West Food Group. Visit our Golden West Food Group website and know more about getting that perfect piece of safe and certified meat right at your doorstep, within less time.

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