Grass Fed Vs Grain Fed: Health Benefits of Grass Fed Meat Products

Grass Fed Vs Grain Fed: Health Benefits of Grass Fed Meat Products

Whenever we buy any meat products, we often check if the meat is Organic, but do we check the product specifications if it is Grass Fed or Grain Fed. There are lot of differences that comes with grass fed or grain fed animals. Let’s throw some light on what is the real difference and benefits that comes with Grass fed and grain fed animal meats.

When people prefer grain fed they often think it’s the same as grass fed, Is it the same? The answer is No. Grass fed and Grain fed meats are totally different. As we all know ruminant animals are meant to eat grass and not grains or any other junk that is doesn’t comprise their diet. Actually what the animal is fed with, the animal product becomes that. If the cattle is fed with junk or any other synthetic foods the animal meat that we get becomes that junk. When the cattle is fed with grass, the meat product that we get is natural, healthy, free from synthetic components, etc. The meat is not only healthy but also tastes highly flavorful and great. Apart from providing health benefits Grass fed meat is also environment friendly and economical.

Grass fed meat is a real luxury to buy. The meat is flavorful, filled with health beneficial vitamins, minerals, and tastes great. Let’s focus on what are the health benefits that grass fed meats provide.

  • Grass fed meats are more nutritious and safer than grain fed, as the cattle feeds on natural grasses which provides nutrition to its body. The meat or other products of the cattle are free from harmful chemicals, heavy metals, antibiotics, growth hormones etc. the product that we get is nutritious and provides health benefits to our body.
  • Grass fed meats are rich on Omega-3 fatty acids compared to grain feds. Omega-3 fatty acids are required by our body and it helps to maintain and improve our cardiovascular health
  • Grass fed meats also contain CLA ( Conjugated Linoleic Acid ) a type of natural fatty acids, required by our body to improve brain function, reduce risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes and other immunity disorders and aids in weight loss. It’s a very common myth that links eating beef with increased risk of cancer or other serious illnesses. Whereas the fact is that if the kind of meat that is bought is chosen the right kind, no such illnesses can occur. Illnesses occur if the meat is laden with toxic and harmful components which usually comes with not feeding cattle with natural food like grass.
  • The meat contains more traces of health beneficial vitamins like Vitamin E that is highly required and beneficial for our health
  • Grass fed meat is much leaner and contains almost 10% less fat than grain fed cattle. Grass fed meat is low in bad fats including saturated fats. People on diet of grass fed meats are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, schizophrenia, depression and many such illnesses.

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