Amazing health benefits of including animal proteins in your diet

Amazing health benefits of including animal proteins in your diet

Proteins are the building blocks of life. Protein is one of the essential element required by all living beings, be it plant, animals or human. It’s an element without which our body cannot survive. There has always been the most common and debated topic discussed as which kind of protein is beneficial for us “Animal or Plant based” or in other words, is it good to consume plant-based protein or animal protein?

Thousands of scientific experiments and studies have been made for this, and various theories have been concluded to rest this topic, but in vain as the debate continues. From these various experimental feats a list of pros and cons of both animal and plant-based proteins have been concluded too. There are various health benefits which we cannot derive following only a strict vegetarian or a non-vegetarian diet.  There are reasons for which we should include both of them in our diet. Thus this calls for an important term called the “The Balanced Diet” or the right amount to stay fit.

We often come across various articles written about how meat consumption is related to cancer risk but have you wondered what could be the health risks if we only survive on plant proteins.  The Public Health School of Harvard University mentions that Animal protein sources tend to deliver all kinds of Amino Acids that are required by us when compared to plant sources. Around the world, people lose their lives due to protein malnutrition also known in medical terms as kwashiorkor. Lack of right amount of protein in our body can lead to serious health complications like muscle loss, stunted growth, decreased immunity, heart and respiratory failure to name a few.

Apart from plant proteins animal proteins are also important for us. As per the study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health people who do not consume meat, poultry, fish and eggs deprived their body of essential Amino Acids, vitamins and minerals which can be found only in meats or steaks. Also, we should consider consuming all natural, grass fed, free from antibiotics or growth hormones meats. This will help to keep diseases or health complications at bay and will keep you hail and hearty. Leading US food manufacturing company’s like Golden West Food Group takes all endeavors to offer natural, grass fed, antibiotics free handpicked organic meat that provides great health benefits.

Studies also reveal that some high protein foods are healthy too due to the benefits that come along with it i.e. healthy fats and fiber. Meats when cooked at the right temperature following proper cooking methods and temperature guide retains its essential elements and provides immense health benefits.

Following are few important reasons why you should also include animal protein in your diet

  • Steaks or meats contains some of the life giving nourishing nutrients like zinc, selenium, iron, vitamins like B12, B3 (Niacin), B6 and various other essential minerals like iron. Vitamin B12 is the most important as it cannot be derived from plants. People having Vitamin B12 deficit suffers from nervous disorders, thus make sure you eat your steak right.
  • Organic meat contains some healthy fats required by our body and contains high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids which is good for a healthy heart
  • Creatinine one of the essential elements required to energize our brains and muscles are found only in meats
  • Carnosine an element found only in meats is a powerful anti-oxidant which prevents oxidation and degeneration among humans
  • Meat also contains saturated fats, recommend for daily intake. Studies have shown that saturated fats have no link to cardiovascular diseases. Consuming organic meats is recommended to gain benefits derived from consuming the right amount of saturate fats.

Thus next time you stumble upon an article explaining health risks of consuming meat, make sure you consider its health benefits and the very good reason why only a strict plant-based diet can prove detrimental to your health. In order to avoid serious diseases, avoid processed meats, refined grains, trans fat and excessive sugar and consume only grass-fed, natural and organic meats. To know more about organic meats please visit

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