8 ways for newly-weds to create a romantic atmosphere on Valentine’s Day


If this is your first Valentine’s Day that you celebrate as a newly married couple, then you’re probably excited to spend the day with your better half. Your last Valentine’s Day was most likely overshadowed with the wedding ceremony planning; so this Valentine’s Day should be all about celebrating and expressing your love for each other.

Valentine's Day

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you have to approach Valentine’s Day any differently than single people. The beauty of being married on Valentine’s Day is that you should know your partner a little better than those just dating.

Love to Bag

Valentine's Day

Presuming that you’re the kind of couple who saves little tokens of love and memorable days, take a handmade bag and fill it with first-date movie stubs, love notes, the first gift he got you (provided it’s not one of those giant teddy bears!), recipe of the first food you cooked for him, the receipt from the first time you went grocery shopping! Anything mundane you did together to the most exciting memory. On Valentine’s Day, when you both open the bag and look at each item, you will recall the wonderful, funny or touching moments you created without even knowing about it!

Love Note

Valentine's Day

Turn off your phone and get back to the old days of pen and paper. Write each other a love note saying how much you mean to each other. Talk about each and every special moment you both experienced and make each other feel loved. If you want to make it fancy, write it on a scroll and tie a red ribbon!

Eat Your Heart Out

Valentine's Day

There’s no better way to a person’s heart than through their stomach! No truer words were said. Newlyweds can create the ultimate romantic atmosphere by making a delicious, romantic meal and enjoying it in the form of a picnic. Make it more romantic by cooking together and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Click here for the best meat products to add to your Valentine’s Day meal!

Gift of Labor

Valentine's Day

Knowing that your partner handmade your gift, is possibly the best present one can receive! It takes hours to decide on the perfect gift – from making her favorite candy, to creating your own bath salts, to writing her a song, it’s the thought that counts!

Fit for Love

Valentine's Day

The couple that exercises together, stays fit together! Start the day together on a healthy note by going for an early morning run. The cool, crisp weather and the quiet time together will both only melt those ‘love’ handles but also keep your hearts beating in chorus!

Dance for Love

Valentine's Day

It takes two to make a thing go right…it takes two to make it outta sight! Emcee Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock certainly got it right when they wrote this song – Couples who can dance together, matching every beat, can sync other parts of their relationship and bring it on track when things go off beat.

Love To Travel

Valentine's Day

Ditch the candlelight dinner and moonlit walk and pack your bags – Travelling is what keeps the romance burning bright! Couples that travel together are said to have a better intimate relationship than those who don’t, as travelling together, cuts the work stress in half and keeps the romantic spark going. So don’t worry about missed deadlines, burnt dinners or fights with each other and just take the next flight out!

Game for Love

Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, suggest to your husband that you want to have a game night and surprise him by playing video games with him! Most guys would love to have a spouse who doesn’t get repulsed by their XBOX or PlayStation, and this would be the perfect way to show your partner that while a romantic candle light dinner is a great idea, sometimes it’s more fun to keep score!

Dating should not end just because you’re married. We should continue to date the love of our lives and have fun doing so, since there’s no more pressure to find a partner. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is not about breaking the bank or to prove how much you love your spouse by spending more than you can afford to. There are so many simple, inexpensive ways to say ‘I Love You’ – from washing the dishes to taking out the garbage without being told to, is more romantic sometimes than an expensive cookie-cutter present. Valentine’s Day is a great festival for newlyweds, especially while establishing traditions that will last a lifetime. The best gifts come from the heart. Sometimes, it’s just about celebrating another year of love and being together!

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