Natural Vs Organic Food- Benefits of Organic Food

Natural Vs Organic Food- Benefits of Organic Food
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One of the most debated topics that we come across every now and then is about nutritional benefits of organic foods. When we go to any supermarket we can see food labeled as natural or organic, which we tend to buy, but have we really found out what it really means? Don’t we tempt to buy them instantly without thinking whether they are really beneficial for us?We often tend to dismiss the true difference of Natural vs. Organic Foods. Do natural and organic food mean the same? the answer is a big NO! Let’s throw some light on what is the difference between Natural and Organic foods,  And how should we choose the right kind of food that will not be threatening to our health.

Natural Vs Organic Food

Unfortunately the fact is that all natural foods are not organic, they are not as safe as compared to organic foods and gives no guarantees of being healthy.

Foods which are less processed, is free from artificial flavors, colors, are free from antibiotics and hormones, but neither the FDA or USDA has mentioned any regulations or has any specifications for natural foods. The “Natural” food label assures less how much the food is safe. For Example let’s say fresh fruit pulps or Juices are natural products, the kind of commodity itself is natural, but it doesn’t assure how the fruits have been grown, whereas on the contrary organic foods follow strict regulations mentioned by FDA and USDA Food Label Regulations .

Only Organic label guarantees that the food you purchase have been manufactured and grown without toxic pesticides, GMO’s, harmful pesticides, artificial growth hormones and very importantly sewage sludge. Since many years sewage sludge as a cheaper alternative manures used in plants for growth, in many countries USA. Sewage sludge are distributed among farmers to use grow crops. Sewage sludge are one of the reasons to cause serious illnesses as they contain harmful toxins and heavy metals. Many foods labelled as “Natural” are grown using sewage sludge even if they claim naturally grown pesticide and harmful chemicals free. Whereas on other side “Organic” food labels ensure that the food is sewage sludge free.

Many popular brands of products have already banned the usage of sewage sludge to grow crops used to manufacture their products. There has been a strong opposition against the use of sewage sludge in farming and environmentalists and health experts fear severe damage to environment as well as health due to this. Only Organic labeled products face strict regulations and inspections which ensures that Organic food is the only safest form of food which can be consumed without any second thoughts.

Even the Organic label is not only restricted to plant products but also to meats and poultry which are now grass fed, allowed to roam in a natural environment, freed from toxic antibiotics or harmful growth hormones. Many food manufacturing leading companies in US are taking initiatives to supply organic meat products to their consumers by following various techniques, rules and regulations.

So next time you go to a supermarket choose only organic labelled foods, which will surely guarantee safe and secured foods for you and your family. Know more about organic, grass fed meat, Certified Angus meat and steaks at

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